Fleet Movement Stands (for Eclipse / TI3)

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Fleet Movement Stands (for Eclipse / TI3)

Post  Jamie on Wed 22 Apr 2015, 17:36

These look pretty useful for game like Eclipse / Twilight Imperium...


Tempted to either order some, or knock something up myself. They're about £37, including delivery, for 8 sets of 3. Would anyone be interested in getting some of these, or have any ideas on alternatives? Maybe laser cutting something? I dunno.

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Re: Fleet Movement Stands (for Eclipse / TI3)

Post  SamVS on Wed 22 Apr 2015, 18:22

Look perfect for Twilight Imperium. Would be nice to see at a glance when someone actually has a fleet to be worried about or when it just looks threatening because of the amount of plastic on the hex even though most of it is ground troops, space ports and PDSs. And really nice for that or for Eclipse just to make it easier to move fleets around.
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