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Arkham Horror - Friday night...

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Arkham Horror - Friday night... Empty Arkham Horror - Friday night...

Post  Evilevan Sat 22 Sep 2012, 13:40

Keith and Myself will be playing Arkham Horror in my kitchen on Friday night - (Friday 28th September 8pm - Heeley)... There's room for up to 2 more people around the kitchen table if anyone else fancies it.... potentially could be a 4 hour game...

If anyone wants to join us for some creeping tenticular terror - send me a PM!

Yellow Warsun
Yellow Warsun

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Arkham Horror - Friday night... Empty Re: Arkham Horror - Friday night...

Post  kjpw_88 Sat 22 Sep 2012, 14:39

Also if anyone else is playing on Friday night and are driving through town I would be grateful for a lift. I'm the one with the game, and with all the components it's quite heavy and awkward to carry it all. I'm on Trippet Lane.

Blue Cube
Blue Cube

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