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Weekend gaming? White Lion Pub Sunday the 19th

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Weekend gaming? White Lion Pub Sunday the 19th - Page 2 Empty Re: Weekend gaming? White Lion Pub Sunday the 19th

Post  JohnH Mon 20 Feb 2017, 18:21

Yeah plasma missiles came in handy, but only just. Missiles didn't give me an advantage until the last 2 rounds. Plus 2 other players had missiles too.

I was the tech race and got walled in and I needed to build up to break out of my little sector as I was getting hardly any resources. One round I only did 1 action, just because I had no resources and had to stock up. The game could've gone a lot differently if someone had taken advantage of me when I was that weak, but playing with 2 new players I figure I just got lucky. Plus when one player tried to break through he had horrendous rolls for him, and exceptional rolls for the ancients (something he blamed me for, I'm sure), meaning he ended up losing a dreadnaught to an ancient ship. That's just bad luck for him and good luck for me.

Other players delayed themselves by making mistakes due to not seeing that wormholes weren't connected and such like. Just new player problems meaning I was free to build up for one final push to rob the victory from Meurig. It really was a smash and grab at the end. There was a 30 point swing last round as I rampaged through Meurig's (mostly) unprotected space. It was mostly because of the experience of the pinning rule that I won really though, and that Meurig feared my missiles enough in one of the latter rounds not to press into my territory when I wasn't quite strong enough to resist.

Good game. I do need the expansion though.

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Weekend gaming? White Lion Pub Sunday the 19th - Page 2 Empty Re: Weekend gaming? White Lion Pub Sunday the 19th

Post  Jamie Mon 20 Feb 2017, 18:24

Meurig wrote:Eclipse was fun. No expansion and yeah, John won with plasma missiles. Definitely the main problem with the game, although I do think I possibly could have still beaten him if I'd invested in shields or had better dice rolls. As it was he smashed through my ships on the last turn to take two monoliths and secure victory.

It's much better with the expansion (Rise of the Ancients), which includes a number of technologies that can nerf plasma missiles. Without the expansion, you can still defend against them; but it's not easy. My recommendation would be star bases loaded with shields and hull and a single yellow cannon; just the ticket against PM laden dreadnoughts. Very Happy
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