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STAY AWAY from Waugh-games

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STAY AWAY from Waugh-games Empty STAY AWAY from Waugh-games

Post  Admin Mon 22 Oct 2012, 15:45

I had the pleasure of dealing with Waugh-Games recently. An online wargames/games shop. It was a few £££s cheaper than the competition for the item I wanted... now I know why.
Basically I got sent the wrong item... and it took them 3 days to reply to my e-mails asking for it to be sorted... no apology just an e-mail asking me to send the item back (at cost to me) for exchange - and to quote "because we would be at a loss"... hrm wasn't happy about that (why should I pay for their mistake) so moaned a bit more - they said that once they received the incorrect item back they would send the correct item and it would include the postage fees (they didn't say whether this would be cheque/cash/credit) if I sent them a scan of the postage receipt (for a £10 item would they be happy for me to send it in a GOLD lined envelope?).

I started to smell Nigera and a pigeon in my bank account - affraid

I sent them another e-mail saying I was not very happy with this situation and would prefer they send me a pre-paid envelope to return the item once I had the correct one...

The response was brilliant - they would send the envelope now but the item I want is out of stock and they need to order it in (with no indication of how long this would take)...

Now that's customer service...

So if you want my advice avoid like the plague. Luckily the item they did send me is the same cost so I'm not out of pocket... I just need to find a more helpful local games shop that will exchange it for me... That'll teach me for trying to save £1.

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