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Tabletop Gaming Live (29-30 September 2018, London)

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Tabletop Gaming Live (29-30 September 2018, London) Empty Tabletop Gaming Live (29-30 September 2018, London)

Post  paulyg Wed 04 Oct 2017, 13:55

Interesting - a new (large) board game convention in London next year. I wonder how it will be different to the UK Games Expo and what they'll do to attract people.

Tabletop Gaming Live wrote:We’re very excited to announce Tabletop Gaming Live, a new gaming show run by the teams behind Tabletop Gaming and Miniature Wargames magazines that will take place in London next September.

The two-day event will take place on Saturday, September 29th and Sunday, September 30th 2018, meaning it’ll be the first place in the UK to see some of the hottest games revealed at Gen Con in mid-August, as well as your chance to play the most talked-about upcoming releases before Essen Spiel takes place in October. Not to mention that it won’t cost you an expensive flight to the US or Germany!

Tabletop Gaming Live will be an extension of the in-depth and enthusiastic coverage you enjoy in every issue of Tabletop Gaming and Miniature Wargames, covering every genre and style of tabletop gaming, from board and card games to miniatures, wargames and RPGs.

It will be a show for everyone, whether you’re a dedicated Magic: The Gathering or X-Wing collector, Warhammer 40,000 or Malifaux miniature wargamer, Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying adventurer, or someone who just enjoys a lighthearted round of Exploding Kittens or Pandemic.

The convention will be held in London’s iconic Alexandra Palace, making it the best place for gamers to meet in the UK capital. The venue is easy to get to for both those in the city and those coming from around the rest of the UK and abroad, with close-by train and public transport links.

Full details and ticket prices are yet to be announced, but needless to say we have some really exciting plans in store that are set to make Tabletop Gaming Live the very best gaming convention the UK has to offer. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
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Tabletop Gaming Live (29-30 September 2018, London) Empty Re: Tabletop Gaming Live (29-30 September 2018, London)

Post  Scott_Fryer Wed 04 Oct 2017, 15:28

Another excuse for a weekend in London, sounds tempting to me...
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