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Utilitarian board-gaming: higher and lower pleasures?

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Utilitarian board-gaming: higher and lower pleasures? Empty Utilitarian board-gaming: higher and lower pleasures?

Post  systemsam Sun 26 Nov 2017, 23:34

There's lots that can be said about the ethics of board-games: design, distribution, retail, re-sale and of course playing. A quick reflection and question on the last of those here for now:

One of the first problems in utilitarian ethics is that of defining desired ends, particularly when your starting point is pleasure or happiness*. The simplest utilitarian equation, given any decision, is to weigh total happiness vs total suffering resulting from each possibility and choose the best option. A slightly more complex approach is to weight different 'kinds' of pleasures differently - some being preferenced over others, either for individual or universal reasons. So, what types of pleasure or happiness do you derive from board games - and do you think some 'kinds' of board-game derived pleasure are higher than others?

Schadenfreude - huge in some games, but I'm sure Rahdo would give it a negative rating. Trump would weigh this big big.
'Fun' - silly antics, tomfoolery, laughter. Non-cerebral, social pleasure. Pfft! Should this even count?
Ureka! - pleasure gained from finally understanding rules / mechanical advantages / systems / your opponent's winning strategy
Victory - the pure carnal pleasure of grinding enemies into dust (Ameritrash)
Victory - the pure emotional pleasure of not having to watch all your workers starve (Euro)
Escapist - the pleasure of knowing that your failures are only simulated
Nihilistic - the pleasure of choosing frivolousness over productive use of your time
Libertarian - pleasure gained from believing and revelling in the existence of choices within your control**
Completist - the pleasure of having finally played that game you bought at UKGE 4 years ago (aka the Paul special)

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