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Gamers of the world, unite!

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Gamers of the world, unite! Empty Gamers of the world, unite!

Post  DaveB Tue 18 Jun 2013, 13:40

Hi there, I'm Dave, (former) colleague and (current) friend of another new user on your forum (Bunglebogs)

Like him I'm recently back in the fold - there were a few too many games of monopoly in my past that put me off the subject but a friend of mine drew me back in with Settler's of Catan and in the past couple of years have gotten really quite into the habit.

I'm also a shameless addict of Wil Wheaton's "Tabletop" series which has certainly informed some of my recent purchases... Smile

Anyway, hoping to pop along next week and check things out. I shall post a list of games to the library section. It seems the done thing Wink

Cheers all,

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Gamers of the world, unite! Empty Re: Gamers of the world, unite!

Post  Admin Tue 18 Jun 2013, 14:12

Soon we will have to rename this club the Dave, Steve and Michael club...

Anyway, nice to have you on board (see what I did there)... see you for a game next week...

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