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Five Tribes

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Five Tribes Empty Five Tribes

Post  DaveB Wed 10 Jun 2015, 13:20

This is one of two games that was previously not on my radar at all, but were immediately bought after a demo game at the Expo last week. (The other, Black Fleet, has already been covered by PaulyG and since I agree pretty much word for word there really isn't much point me writing about that one...)

So this is a deceptively simple game - its mechanically very simple but the wealth of ways that you can earn VP is somewhat staggering (if you're prone to AP then I would recommend you stay away!).

Each round of the game is as follows:

- Players bid for starting position (using VP!).
- In turn each player picks up all the meeples on a square and places one meeple on each adjoining square. On the square on which they place the last meeple they then pick up all meeples of that colour on the tile.
- If that clears the square place one of your camels on it.
- They take the action indicated on the final tile (some are optional some are not).

Each colour meeple has different effects - some resolve immediately while others come into your "hand" to play later or at the end of the game - so like a lot of DoW games there is scoring both during and after the game. Highest number of points at the end wins Smile

Definitely recommended - I've got a couple of plays of this under my belt now and I really like it.
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