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Domain name and ads...

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Domain name and ads... Empty Domain name and ads...

Post  Admin Wed 28 Mar 2012, 11:02

Thought I would put this one out there again...

Rather than spend all the club funds on new games we could spend £20.54 on a dedicated domain name, free from adverts for an entire year. It would still be the same forum but rather than it could be or something better if you can think of it. Might improve our hit rate in google... and so the number of members. Other more tech based people may know a cheaper way to host a website but then I have no idea how we would build the forum...

Anyway I've looked into it and basically we have to buy forumotion site credits. We can get 3000 for £20.54. 1600 gets us the domain name. 1000 makes it ad free. Could lower the cost to £14.22. That gets us 2000 credits. So the domain name for 1 year and add free for 3 months I think.


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Domain name and ads... Empty Re: Domain name and ads...

Post  mikew Thu 29 Mar 2012, 00:23

A good idea, although I see no pressing need for it myself. We've picked up two new members in the last month so the interweb stuff seems to be OK at present.

On the other hand, we could spend money on board game porn...
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