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Tinkerbot Games - Ghostel Giveaway!

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Tinkerbot Games - Ghostel Giveaway! Empty Tinkerbot Games - Ghostel Giveaway!

Post  karl_b Thu 18 Feb 2016, 13:17

Following the FREE DICE we received last year, Tinkerbot games have emailed to say that they are now giving away copies of their currently-being-Kickstarted game Ghostel. The club has a chance to win a copy by nominating our club/venue via Twitter, Facebook, BGG, Reddit and Google+. Below is an extract from their email:

Our Kickstarter campaign for Ghostel is storming ahead!

At the time of writing we currently sit at £12,500, an excellent 70%! We're still growing and we couldn't have gotten this far without all of you. Thank you.

Now, onto this very special update!
One of our main goals with setting up Tinkerbot Games is to help grow the board gaming community as much as possible, and we want to continue doing that with this campaign to release Ghostel!

Here at Tinkerbot Towers, all three of us are huge fans of the many board gaming bars, cafes, libraries and gaming shops around the world that run board gaming sessions in a friendly and welcoming environment. At our last count there’s well over 200 of these venues all around the world!

These places encourage new people to enter the wonderful world of board games, while also allowing regular board gamers a chance to try new games before they commit to buying them. Also, they help board gamers meet new people and stay involved in the hobby just for the price of a cuppa!

So we want to do something to give back to our board gaming heroes and heroines! When we reach our funding goal we’re going to give away copies of Ghostel to these board game venues as a thank you for their service to the board gaming world.

But here’s where we need your help, there are so many deserving places out there we just don’t know who to send the games to! Plus we need to make sure we reach our funding goal so that we can make the game to send to you and to them!

So we need you to spread the word about this giveaway and nominate your local venue. We’re going to track all the nominations on twitter, facebook, BGG, Reddit and yes, even Google+ and total them up. For every 50 additional nominations we’ll add another copy of Ghostel to the giveaway stockpile.

For example, if we get 200 nominations we’ll giveaway 4 copies of Ghostel, one to each of the top 4 nominated venues.

How do I nominate my venue?

Nominate your venue by posting to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or all 3!

Remember to use the hashtag #GhostelGiveaway so we see it, and please include a link to the campaign page to help us reach our goal!

Here’s an example:

“I nominate [Venue Name] for the #GhostelGiveaway because [Reasons].”

Obviously, replace the bits in [brackets] with your own answers!

So let's do it! Deadline is Thursday 25 Feb at 11:00pm GMT. The more votes, the more prizes available.

I nominate SheffieldBoardGamesClub for #GhostelGiveaway because I ain't afraid of no ghosts.

Make sure the 'SheffieldBoardGamesClub' bit is the same on all nominations.

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Tinkerbot Games - Ghostel Giveaway! Empty Re: Tinkerbot Games - Ghostel Giveaway!

Post  paulyg Thu 18 Feb 2016, 13:23

As an added incentive / disincentive, if the Kickstarter is successful then my ugly mug will be on one of the cards as a guest staying at the hotel!
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