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The Chicken Game

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The Chicken Game Empty The Chicken Game

Post  Jamie Tue 12 Apr 2016, 14:41

The Chicken Game 12472730_10154182015617340_3992464576231497651_n

How long did you last?
Count of Carcassonne

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The Chicken Game Empty Re: The Chicken Game

Post  Andy S Tue 12 Apr 2016, 15:27

This reminds me a bit of a game I read about years ago. I can't remember what it was called. The premise was that everyone in the world is playing the game at the exact same time, all the time. The only rules are:

If you are not thinking about the game, then you are winning the game.

If you are thinking about the game, then you are losing the game.

Once you start losing, it can be tough to start winning again.
Andy S
Andy S
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