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Playing outside of Tuesday sessions

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Playing outside of Tuesday sessions Empty Playing outside of Tuesday sessions

Post  Lizzy Mon 02 May 2016, 14:17

We don't just play games on Tuesdays, we have a variety of extra sessioning options people can take advantage of.

Firstly, we play upstairs at The Red Deer on the first Sunday of every month. We start at 12.30 and people are usually there till early evening. A thread usually appears on the club meetings forum a week or two beforehand and people often use this session to pre-organise to play something longer like Firefly or Eclipse. Feel free to just turn up and play what you want though! There's usually a big stack of games to choose from. Oh and enjoy the delicious food The Red Deer puts on!

The club also runs regular sessions at The Red Deer for people to playtest games. Keep an eye out for threads advertising events or speak to Tom if you're interested in getting involved in this.

Many people are happy to have members of the club round to their houses and will post threads asking if anyone wants to come round on a particular day. Don't be shy, just sign up if you want to join in.

We also regularly attend conventions as a group. The major one is the UK Games Expo which happens at the end of May/start of June at the NEC Birmingham every year. There's usually a lot of car sharing on offer to reduce the costs. It's a great weekend and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in trying and buying new games.

The other convention we usually attend is The Cast are Dice, which is run by the people behind Shire Games in August at the sixth form centre in Stock on Trent. This is a much smaller event of a few hundred people, but the guys there run a fantastic library of their own games. They're mostly euro games, but this is a great chance to try out some games you might be thinking of buying or rare ones that are impossible to get hold of.

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