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Board Gaming in Sheffield

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Board Gaming in Sheffield Empty Board Gaming in Sheffield

Post  systemsam Wed 08 Jun 2016, 09:21

Feel free to add - trying to compile a list.

SBGC: Tues from 7 @ University Arms (or often a bit before, especially for food)
SBGC: First Sunday of the month from 12.30 @ Red Deer
SBGC: Occasional other events including Sunday play-testing, Twilight Imperium 3, various ad hoc sessions

Patriot Games: Wed & Fri evening are listed as including board games. This varies, with the venue's general focus being more on next level geekism e.g. Magic/CCGs/LCGs/D&D/RPGs rather than board games. They have Star Wars events sometimes, meaning Imperial Assault and X-wing. The only decent place in Sheffield to actually buy board games - and SBGC members get 10% off with their fob (ask Aneurin for one).

Sheffield (University of, Students Union) Boardgame Society: Every other Saturday, presumably only during term time. Presumably they'd be open to non-students etc, but feel free to correct me (Tom?). I believe there is a mix of boardgames and Magic etc.

Sheffield Couchsurfers: Frequent Wed PM meets focussed on gateway games - see their Fb page for details.

Board-game friendly venues:
The Red Deer - has some traditional games in as well.
The University Arms - probably best if you go upstairs as they can get sudden influxes downstairs.
The Blake? I believe they were advertising a board game night last I was there?
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